Capture More Email Leads with These 5 Sure Fire Strategies

Capture More Email Leads with These 5 Sure Fire Strategies

Email marketing is old school. Sort of like the kind of corded phone that hangs on your kitchen wall or a dial-up modem.

If that’s your thinking, then you are missing out on a crucial opportunity to connect with potential leads and turn them into loyal customers.


Email marketing might not be new, and it might not be the latest and greatest thing. But that doesn’t mean that you can afford to ignore it.

And if it’s been a while since you revamped your email marketing strategies, it’s time to wake up and smell the lead generation coffee.

The good news is it’s great coffee. Here are five blends – okay, strategies – to help you kick your lead generation into high gear.

#1: Micro-Targeting

Some marketers want to hang on to a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to lead generation. They’ve got a lead magnet that’s been working for them – at least to a point – and they don’t want to try anything new.

But here’s the thing about that. Not every potential lead arrives at your site for the same reason. Some may have been drawn by a specific piece of content. Others might be looking for a service – or a product – to solve a problem they’ve been having.

My point? It’s far more effective to target people with an offer that’s tailored to their interests. Someone who comes to your site because of an authority blog post is highly likely to respond to a lead magnet that is related to the post.

That’s simple, but I’m always amazed at how many people don’t understand it. Dive into some audience research, tailor your lead magnets based on what you find, and watch your subscriptions soar.

#2: Use Pop-ups

I can hear you now. Your brain is screeching at me.

“WHAT? People hate pop-ups! And what about pop-up blockers? It’ll never work!”

I get it. But here’s the thing: pop-ups are effective. In fact, they can be HUGELY effective if you use them in the right way.

What I mean by that is that a generic pop-up that interrupts someone while they’re reading the first paragraph of your killer blog post is only going to be irritating – and probably ignored.


A pop-up that appears as the reader approaches the end of your blog post is a different story. So is a pop-up that’s triggered when the user hits the back button or tries to close the window.

Why? Because these are triggered by behaviors.

Research shows that using an exit pop-up can boost conversions by as much as 1375%! That’s a crazy number – and if you know anything about conversions, you know that it’s beyond impressive.

The moral here is that you shouldn’t rule out pop-ups. The right kind – at the right time – can reduce your bounce rate and help you get more subscriptions than ever before.

#3: Maximize the Value of Your Lead Magnet(s)

We’ve already talked about lead magnets, but there’s another angle I want to mention. The best lead magnets are those that:

  • Are targeted directly to the people you want to attract as leads
  • Offer massive value in return for something small (namely, the user’s email address)
  • Provide a solution to a problem
  • Provide actionable content that the user can benefit from immediately

In most cases, you’re going to want something short. You don’t need to give away a 100-page eBook. What users want is something that’ll benefit them right away. For that reason, I like:

  • Cheat sheets
  • Discounts
  • Checklists
  • Free tools
  • Resource/template bundles
  • Webinars
  • Email courses

Of course, you can also offer a short guide or eBook if you want to. I suggest keeping it under 15 pages and use them only if a topic is too complicated to explain in something shorter.

The main point here is that a user should see your lead magnet and experience immediate FOMO (that fear of missing out). You want them to NEED it – so much so that they’ll fork over their email address to get it.

#4: Choose the Right Lead Capture 

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. And there’s more than one way to capture a lead.

Sure, you could go with the old tried and true web form. But think about your audience. Is that the BEST way?

If your regular methods aren’t garnering the options they once were, here are a few alternatives to consider:

  • Surveys and quizzes
  • Live chat
  • Content upgrades
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Chatbots
  • Pop-up forms (especially exit forms!)

It may take a bit of trial and error to land on the lead capture that works best. I suggest doing a bit of A/B testing to see what gets you the results you want. And remember, what works for one page may not work for another.

#5: Eliminate Friction

Subscribing to your list should be easy. REALLY easy.

You probably know that there’s research that shows that every additional field added to an opt-in form decreases the conversion rate. For example, dropping the number of fields from five to four can increase your conversion rate by 50%.

You should ask yourself:

  • What information do I absolutely need to follow up with a lead?
  • Can I collect additional information later?
  • Does my form work on all browsers and devices?
  • Which fields are responsible for the most bounces?

You may also want to think about the design of your form. Anything you can do to make it easy to find – like using a contrasting color, putting it in a box, or drawing an arrow pointing to it – has the potential to increase your conversions and generate more leads.


Email marketing is an ideal way to nurture leads and convince them to take the next step and buy your product or service. The five tips I’ve mentioned here can help you pull your lead generation out of stagnation – and into a brand new world of profits.

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