Social Automation System

The 3 Ways Prospective Customers Research You:

1. They Search For Your Website on Google
First, they’re going to head over to Google and they are going to check out your website. You need to make sure that your website is doing some key things and that it looks a certain way. I cover all of that here.

2) They Read Your Google My Business Reviews
Second, they will read at least 6-10 online reviews. Sometimes this happens before they even see your website. Research shows that a customer reads 6-10 reviews before a consumer can trust your business. More importantly, 93% of consumers read local reviews to decide if a business is good or not. I cover more on the importance on online reviews and how the optimization of your Google My Business listing is related here.

3) They Search For You on Facebook Third (and sometimes first)
People are going to type in the name of your business on Facebook and see what’s happening there. People go to your website to get basic information, they read your Google reviews to see how trustworthy you are and then they search for you on Facebook because they want to get a peek at “what is actually happening on the inside”. I cover more on why your Facebook page has to look great and why you must be active on it right here.

There are so many potential benefits local businesses can gain from using social media that listing all of them would be virtually impossible. Instead we will focus on the 1 main benefit we help local businesses with social media automation…viral social contests.

6 Benefits of Running Social Media Contests

1. Build Community
When a contest is run effectively it is a great way to build a strong following. People might not know about a brand or a business until they have heard about it after their family, friends and social cliques share them – and a contest would definitely help them do just that.

2. Incentivize People To Follow
A contest is a great way for new audience to follow your social media accounts. It gives them a strong reason to do so and incentivize their actions in exchange for a chance to win the social media contest prize you offer.

3. Build Awareness
A contest is a great way to build awareness about a product, service or your page. This is because savvy contest platforms come with a “share” button which people uses to share with their friends. It pushes the contestants to spread the word out.

4. Increase Subscribers
A social media contest is one of the best way to get people to subscribe to your email newsletter. Most social media contest platforms comes with a lead capture form which fans would need to fill in join.

5. Increase Sales
The logical and necessary evolution of the benefit of your contest after building awareness and increasing your subscribers is increasing your sales. Contests are a great way to convert your business leads who didn’t win into valuable customers – especially in the case of the winners because they had just tried your product for free and they will most likely return to purchase more if your product satisfies them.

6. Increase Engagement
A contest is an excellent way to increase engagement on a page to when it’s done properly. When a page attracts new and relevant fans it helps to increase comments, shares, retweets, likes, pins and more as they have attracted the right audience to be part of their page. And because it is relevant, they will stick around to see what goes on in your page.