Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation in simple terms is employing technology to execute and automate your marketing strategy. The “definition” of Marketing Automation is a combination of software and tactics used to automate repetitive marketing activities to produce qualified sales leads and prospects.

Marketing – the message and mechanics of the activities designed to get prospective customers to know what they need to know to believe what they need to believe, to become your customer.

Automation – technology used to schedule or initiate tasks automatically. Started by a human or by another automated task.

That’s it.

So that looks like capturing leads, communicating with those leads, and delivering the most qualified, ready-to-buy, leads to the people in the business responsible for sales.

More plainly still, that looks like landing pages, forms, written, graphic and video content, emails, social media, chatbots, lead scoring, sales pipelines, and online order forms and carts.

So it’s the tactics to attract, capture, nurture, convert, and deliver for leads, prospects, and customers and ultimately the technology used to make that happen, easier.

Greg Heckman, the founder of explains it best…

What Is Marketing Automation?

The Secret System That Will Automate, Convert & Qualify Leads For Your Business

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