Funnel Automation System

Funnel Automation System

While websites have their importance in the overall picture of your digital strategy, marketing funnels serve a different purpose that’s more directly tied to sales. A funnel is designed to move the visitor into the sales process. It should tell your story with a beginning, middle and end that helps the visitor make a decision to choose you rather than your competitors.

Websites are more like online brochures that are designed to give information to be read. While a website can have call to actions such as “Contact Us” or “Schedule Appointment”, there is a lot of information within a website that can confuse the customer. One of the main things is that there are too many places to click to other pages and lose focus of the main reason they are there.

A marketing funnel only has one page and one focus. There are no links that take the visitor to another page about something else. The sole focus is converting the visitor to a buyer with an offer related to a service or product that you offer. That’s it.

You don’t want visitors to just read. You want them to take action and convert them into a customer. This is what a marketing funnel is designed to do.

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