Coronavirus Marketing Strategy

Using this strategy will allow you to build your brand, educate your audience, build your email list and so much more. People in your community want to not only get the facts on what's going on with this virus, but they also want hope and want to know the good things that's going on around it. This marketing strategy will cover both. Here is a summary of the 4 core themes of this marketing strategy:

Dedicated Landing Page

We will create a landing page on your website and incorporate all core marketing strategies to help you reach a new audience.

Build Email List

Build your email database with a new audience that wants to keep updated on the good news about this crisis.

Coronavirus Data Widgets

We will install Coronavirus data aggregation widgets on your landing page that will be updated daily with new data.

Coronavirus Curated News

We will curate positive stories about the Coronavirus crisis to help you become the voice of hope for your community.

The Component That Ties Everything Together - Social Media & Newsletter Marketing

The final piece of this strategy that ties everything together is the social media & email newsletter strategy. Once the landing page is created and all components are implemented, then we can post the good stories from our curated list to your social media on a weekly basis that will direct visitors back to your landing page to read up on more good news stories. We can also send out newsletters on your behalf to send curated stories as well. This will generate more traffic and repeat traffic to your website which will expose a new audience to your brand and any products or services you offer.

1) Dedicated Landing Page

We Want To Be The Voice Of Hope In Our Local Community

With all the bad news going on, we want to remind you that there is hope and there are countries already on the other side of this issue. Click the button below if you want us to send you weekly emails about the good things happening with the Coronavirus crisis.

You can also view the current good news we've curated below.

2) Email Button To Build Email Database

What Do You Want To View Next?

3) Coronavirus Data Widgets

Here is a list of sample Coronavirus widgets we can install on your website to educate your audience. This will keep your audience engaged with your brand and give you brand awareness. This will also build your online authority for being a source of aggregated stats surrounding the Coronavirus and how it's affecting the world. You will have the option to choose 1-2 widgets max to place on your landing page.

World Statistics

World Statistics (Dark Theme)

European Stats

European Grid Stats (Dark Theme)

World Stats Map

America Stats

One Country Stats

4) Coronavirus Curated News Widget

This is the news widget that educates your audience on all the good news that surrounds the Coronavirus crisis. This will allow you to become the voice of hope in your community that could have long lasting effects on your brand long after this crisis is over.

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