Traffic Automation System

Digital marketing has become a “pay to play” model. You can get by with other automation systems listed but if you want to take things to another level you have to invest in paid traffic.

Social Paid Ads (Facebook/Instagram)

One of the most powerful and cost effective ways to drive new customers to your front door is to use Facebook/Instgram Ads to put a great offer in front of a group of people that are likely to want it.

Even though Facebook Ads are a highly effective business growth tool, many business owners out there don’t understand how to use them properly. It’s a lot more complicated than just putting an offer together and then spending a little money to get it in front of a the surrounding community.

Facebook Ads work best when you put the correct offer in front of a specific audience in your community and give them a reason to take action on that offer immediately.

We run Facebook Ad Campaigns for a variety of clients and we’ve found that there is a pattern to building campaigns that work.

Retarteging Ads and Why You Must Use It

Retargeting is simply using ads to target users that have already visited a website. This type of advertising is done with banner ads, display networks across the web, on social media sites, and any other form of online advertising your company is probably already using.

The idea of retargeting is to entice past customers to come back or to attract people who may have visited the site but left before making a purchase or taking the preferred action the business owner wants them to take. It’s a way to get customers back to the site, and into the business.

When using retargeting effectively, business owners aren’t just sending their message out to the masses and hoping something lands with a customer that’s likely to take action, the way a lot of online advertising works. Instead, it’s a way to really target your advertising to the audience you’re trying to reach. Using this type of advertising, you’re targeting anyone that has visited your website before.

This is how retargeting ads differ from display banner ads that are typically broadcast to a business’ entire target audience rather than just a small portion of it. With retargeting, you are only taking the portion that has been on the website or otherwise expressed interest and marketing to them and them alone.