Local Summit System

Become the authority and thought leader in your local area with local virtual summits.

Why Host A Local Virtual Summit?

There are dozens of reasons why you as a business owner would want to host a local virtual summit. But first I will briefly explain what a virtual summit is.

What Is A Virtual Summit?

A virtual summit one of today's most effective digital marketing strategies that can give your business massive exposure and hundreds of potential leads. A virtual summit is an online conference featuring dozens of experts in a niche brought together by the event host to share free interviews with an audience.

So just imagine hosting a collaborative online event in which you interview other local non-competing specialists in different fields that compliment your business.

Local Summit System

A Virtual Summit Is Like A Webinar or Podcast ... on Steroids

Hosting your own virtual summit allows you to leverage other people’s success to build your own email list and authority. You as the host become the center of attraction because you're interviewing all the popular local authorities in their respective niche that complement your business. This allows you to tap into several new audiences that can become potential new leads for your business. So now lets get to the main benefits of hosting a virtual summit.

Top 6 Benefits To Hosting Your Own Local Virtual Summit

Build A Large Email List
  • Get hundreds of targeted and engaged leads in a matter of weeks with built in shareability.
Build Rewarding Relationships
  • Connect and talk to industry leaders one-on-one and build authentic and mutually beneficial relationships.
Create Raving Fans & Customers
  • Build a reputation for providing massive value to your followers and create almost unbreakable trust and authority.
Increase Your Local Visibility
  • Put your business on the map as you reach thousands of new people with your virtual summit content.
Become An Authority
  • Position yourself as an authority in your local area and cement your reputation as an industry expert.
Generate Leads & Sales
  • Generate a profit while you build your audience with income from a backend offer and bring in even more revenue with sponsorships.