Database Reactivation (DR)

Imagine being able to book 20 - 30 appointments within the next 7 days with our strategic Database Reactivation campaign with NO AD SPEND!

Database Reactivation Campaigns For Health & Wellness Professionals

Currently we are only focusing on running Database Reactivation trials for the Health & Wellness Industry. We will expand out to other niches in the future. So check back on this page to see if your niche is added.

Industries coming up next...

Home Improvement




and more...

Service Industries

House Cleaning

Hair Salons

Auto Repair

and more...

These are the business we are focusing on in the Health & Wellness Industry:

Regenerative Medicine



Medical Spas


Massage Therapists



Local Gyms

Personal Trainers

Indoor Cycling

Barre Studios

Database Reactivation Qualifications

To qualify for a DR campaign your business must have these 6 things:

Established Business

You must have an established business with it being in at least 2 years of operation and a good sales conversion process.

Customer Database

A database of leads that are either old or have never done business with you before with their name and phone number.

Proven Offer

You will need a proven offer that you know converts well. If you don't have one we will help research one for you.

Business Growth

You will need to have the ability to bring on new customers, clients or patients for business growth.

Lifetime Customer Value

Know the lifetime value of a new customer or the value of the proven offer that you promote to your database of customers.

DR Campaign Feedback

You will need to be willing to provide feedback on the DR campaign with a written or video testimonial.