Chiropractor Lead Automation System

We provide effective core marketing systems for Chiropractors to help them build their online presence and get more patients for their practice.

Chiropractor Lead Automation System

We Offer A Better & More Cost Efficient Way To Reach Your Patients

Chiropractor Lead Automation System

Responsive Chiropractor Websites

We offer customizable themes in our website builder that allow you to personalize with your company colors, logos, photos and more.

SEO Optimized

Lead Capture Forms

Built In Live Chat

Our System Incorporates 6 Core Marketing Systems That All Chiropractors MUST Have To Stay Competitive

01. Maps Attraction System

The Maps Attraction System optimizes your Google My Business listing to help attract more traffic to your website.

06. Visitor Re-Attraction System

The Visitor Re-Attraction System will capture 100% of your website visitors and bring them back to your website to re-engage with you offers.

05. Lead Funnel System

The Lead Funnel System will help guide your website visitors to a call to action that will lead to better lead conversions.

02. Social Engage System

The Social Engage System will engage your social media followers and will keep your social profiles from looking like a ghost town.

03. Review Capture System

The Review Capture System will capture online reviews and market them on your website to help convert more leads.

04. Lead Conversion System

The Lead Conversion System will capture your leads, follow up with your leads and help convert your leads.

Bonus System:

The SMS Re-Connect System

How Much Money Are You Losing From Missed Calls?

  • 80% of all business communications take place over the phone
  • 62% of phone calls to small businesses are left unanswered
  • 85% of people whose calls aren’t answered will not call back

With Our SMS Re-Connect System...

  • Instantly text message all missed calls to re-connect with them
  • Connect with 100% of all missed calls that come from a mobile phone
  • Increase monthly revenue by not missing any more calls to your office

The 3 Pillars Of Local Search (The Foundation)

Maps Attraction

Chiropractor Lead Automation System

Social Engage

Chiropractor Lead Automation System

Review Capture

Chiropractor Lead Automation System
  •  1 - Maps Attraction 
  •   2 - Social Engage  
  •  3 - Review Capture 
 1 - Maps Attraction 

Maps Attraction System

There are several steps to take when optimizing your Google My Business listing so your business can rank higher in the search results. We will cover the most important aspects of your GMB listing such as listing creation, optimization & GMB posts. 

  2 - Social Engage  

Social Engage System

We will take care of your social media posting for Facebook, GMB, Twitter & Linkedin! Don't let your potential customers catch your social media profiles looking like a ghost town. We will make sure you're posting on a regular basis to prevent that.

 3 - Review Capture 

Review Capture System

Online reviews are the currency of the web. Other then social media this is the typically the 2nd way potential patients will research you. If you don't have enough good online reviews, it's a very high chance they will look for another chiropractor.

The 3 Lead Generators (The Business Drivers)

Lead Conversion

Chiropractor Lead Automation System

Lead Funnel

Chiropractor Lead Automation System

Visitor Re-Attraction

Chiropractor Lead Automation System
  •    4 - Lead Conversion   
  •   5 - Lead Funnel  
  •  6 - Visitor Re-Attraction 
   4 - Lead Conversion   

Lead Conversion System

Most businesses are too busy to instantly follow up on leads that come through their website or paid campaigns. Our CRM does all the followup for you through SMS and email. You will also have pipelines to track your leads from all your marketing efforts.

  5 - Lead Funnel  

Lead Funnel System

While websites have their importance in the overall picture of your digital strategy, marketing funnels serve a different purpose that's more directly tied to lead conversion. Our system comes with a funnel strategy to help you close more patient leads.

 6 - Visitor Re-Attraction 

Visitor Re-Attraction System

96% Of Your Website Visitors Never Contact You. (Let That Sink In) Retargeting your website visitors solves this problem by capturing 100% of all your traffic & allowing you to bring them back for a 2nd or 3rd chance to convert them into a patient.

Bonus Digital Marketing Tools

Free Access To Enterprise Level Conversion Tools

Chiropractor Lead Automation System

Funnelytics Pro ($99/m Value)

Funnelytics is a visual funnel mapping tool that helps you plan, launch & optimize your marketing funnels. We will map out your funnels so you can visually see conversions in real time.

Chiropractor Lead Automation System

Convertbox Pro ($99/m Value)

Drive more leads and sales by engaging the right visitors at the right time and delivering a more personalised experience with smart high-converting on-site messages.

Chiropractor Lead Automation System

Connectio Suite ($99/m Value)

Connectio is a Facebook ads tools to help increase your ad conversions. You will get access to Connect Audience, Connect Explore, Connect Leads & Conncect Retarget.

How Our Marketing System Helps Your Practice

Generate Online Leads

Our marketing system will get you found, generate more online reviews which lead to more patients online.

Cut Marketing Costs

When you bundle in all 6 core marketing services will save on costs but have a more effective marketing system in place.

Save You Time

Our custom followup CRM will save you and your staff time by automating the followup to connect with your leads.

Chiropractor Lead Automation

System Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you offering such high value services at such a low cost?

We have streamlined our processes on our strategies and service implementation. So with our innovation of technology and processes we are able to pass on those savings to our customers. Just think of us as the Amazon of digital marketing services.

Q: How long does it take to get started once I sign up?

Our team works fast. I have processes in place that can get your campaign setup with a quick turnaround. The Basic package can take up to 5-7 business days. The Starter package can take up to 10-14 business days. The Core package can take up to 2-3 weeks to setup. All setup time frames will depend on how quickly you can get us logins to social accounts and any other marketing material will need from you to complete the setup.

Q: Do I have to sign a contact to start using this service?

The short answer is...only if you want to! We don't require contracts. All of our packages are month to month. We just require that you give us a 30 day notice if you're going to cancel to.

Q: What is covered in the Google My Business optimization?

The setup will include everything from optimizing the categories, description, images & any video you have. It will also include filling in any areas of your profile that have not been filled that should be. The ongoing optimization will include keeping track of all your local listings to make sure they are accurate, creating new listings to strengthen your local presence and weekly posting to your GMB page.

Q: Regarding the social posts you will do, can I still post to my own page (or delete something)?

The best part of our social posting service is that you still retain 100% control of your page. You can post, change, or delete anything that hits your page at any time without interfering with our social posting service.

Q: Can I attach the marketing funnels to my domain to keep my branding consistent?

Yes and this is recommended. All we would need is access to your domain host in order to connect the marketing funnel to your domain. Or we can just give your the CNAME info to give to your web team to integrate it.

Q: What kind of retargeting ad will you be running for my business?

We suggest that you run an ad for the same offer that is offered on your marketing funnel. This way when people see the ad, we can redirect them back to the marketing funnel which will have a better chance at converting them.